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The trade industry is undergoing dramatic change. Competition is fierce; qualified staff is difficult to find and retain. Actual studies confirm, 75% of customers shop where personal service and communication are first rate.

Facts and figures alone are no longer sufficient as leadership tools.

Successful management today requires empathy, inner strength and above all a positive mindset.

Enable your organization to reach its potential.

Empower Your Team!

Claudia Unger Coaching
Retail Coaching



Meet Claudia Unger, retail expert, business coach & trainer based in Berlin.



Our coaching is a powerful combination of advanced skill set training and an innovative mindset coaching at all retail aspects.

Advanced Skill set Training such as

Self & time Management

Communication skills

Leadership skills

Feedback & Goal setting

Boosting KPI

Mindset Coaching closes the discrepancy where trainings leave a gap of

Feeling of insecurity or superiority

Lack of motivation or focus

Team conflicts

Missing empathy or confidence

Feeling of stress

The results are truly priceless.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty
Retention Rate +25%

Empathic Sales Advisers connect easily with clients, care for their wellbeing and build true and loyal customer relations.

Increase NPS Score

Global Brand Image Enhancement > NPS

Happy clients become your Fan and talk positively about your brand. They give topranking rates. Staff embrace Key Performance Indicator (KPI) as acknowledgement of success.

Lower Hiring Costs

Lower Hiring Costs.
Valued People Stay

Top Talents have the choice of employer. Money is only a short term motivater. Empathic managers value and empower their team, give appreciation and make them grow.

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