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"Coaching with Claudia is based on a trusting, professional, and emphatic approach. She gave me an unvarnished, self-reflective view of my work as a manager. I was also able to derive valuable insights and specific actions for myself." Paul B. Store Manager Roche Bobois
"I would like to thank Claudia Unger for the trusting collaboration. Through her valuable feedback and mutual inspiration, I respected her not only as a supervisor, but rather also appreciated her as a coach and sparring partner. Claudia always motivated me with encouragement and humour to master even stressful situations with a smile. All the best for the future, dear Claudia." Ivan Zafirov Store Manager, Gucci
"Dear Ms. Unger, I must thank you - for your support, your sometimes challenging but extremely helpful questions and suggestions, for your frankness and the reality checks, for your empathy and your encouraging words. You have empowered me so much in such short time and let me move on to the next chapter with more self-confidence and determination. From the bottom of my heart really many many thanks!" Lara A. Career change
"What's next? I hadn't been getting along with my boss for some time. We were constantly clashing. After coaching with Claudia, I was able to address all these topics. Thank you for the reflection, feedback and absolute discretion. I felt understood at all times and welcome even with topics that were unpleasant for me. Claudia, please keep up your critical questions. After my initial resistance, it did motivate me a lot and made me think about how to respond better." Sabina F.
"For personal reasons, I wanted to change my job. I was desperate and I did not know what to do. Happily, I was introduced to Claudia Unger. In just a few coaching sessions, I discovered how many more skills I had and how resourceful I actually am. The entire process made me feel strong and confident to continue my career in a new direction. I am very thankful for Claudia’s clarity, empathy and support in a difficult moment" Ellen H., Ex department manager Karstadt

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